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Stanislav Istyagin


☎️ Contact information

📨 Email: [stanislav@istyag,in](mailto:stanislav@istyag,in) 🔗 Linkedin: stanislav-istyagin 🔗 Web-site: https://istyag.in 👾 github.com: cleverg0d 📺 Youtube: @MrClevergod 💬 Telegram: @clevergod 🃏 Jokes: memekatz 🏢 Address: KZ, Almaty ☎️ Phone: +7(776)2XXXXX3


Cybersecurity professional with a strong interest in ethical hacking, penetration testing, vulnerability analysis, and network security, Computer forensics and the search for traces of compromise. I have extensive experience in Server administration, design and commissioning of software systems, Server data centers' s, organization and management of the IT department (system administrators of all categories, communications workers, developers, security specialists), as well as information security (starting from Firewalls, TLS certificates, VPN tunnels, video surveillance systems, penetration testing, incident investigation) and many others.

Regular participant of CTF platforms, multiple prize-winner of CTF competitions and cyber-studies. In a fairly short period of time, he mastered a lot of practice in hacking vulnerable systems, took a leading position on the HackTheBox service and brought Kazakhstan to the Top 30 countries, personal Top 5 results on HTB out of 595,269 peers, Top 5 on PriviaHub, as well as a leader among Kazakhstani participants on the RootMe and TryHackMe sites.

Completed more than 100 commercial penetration testing projects. Hard-working, energetic, personable, and technical-minded individual. Possess exceptional customer service and communication skills with the strong ability to multitask and resolve issues quickly.

🛠 Key Skills

👩🏻‍💻 Short Experience

IT Specialist - 04/2002 to 12/2017


Information Security - 02/2010 to … until now


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📚 Education

🗣 Languages

Bachelor of Science: Computer Information Systems - 2018 Academy of Economics and Statistics, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Russian 🇷🇺 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (native) English 🇺🇸 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

🔖 Certifications

2024 Penetration tester L1 (Genesis Pro Labs) Hack The Box 2023 OffSec Experienced Penetration Tester (OSEP) Offensive Security 2023 OffSec Web Assessor (OSWA) Offensive Security 2023 Certified Azure Red Team Professional (CARTP) AlteredSecurity 2023 Red Team Operator L1 (RASTALABS Pro Labs) Hack The Box 2023 Offensive Security Wireless Professional (OSWP) Offensive Security 2022 Cloud Security Specialist (Azure Offensive) Hack The Box 2022 Certified Red Team Lead (CRTL) ZeroPointSecurity 2022 Cloud Security Specialist (AWS Offensive) Hack The Box 2022 Red Team Operator Level 3 (APTLabs) Hack The Box 2022 Web AppPenetration Tester eXtreme (eWPTXv2) eLearnSecurity 2022 Certified Red Team Operator (CRTO) ZeroPointSecurity 2022 Certified Penetration Tester eXtreme (eCPTXv2) eLearnSecurity 2021 Ethical Hacker Practical (CEH) EC-Council 2020 Threat Hunting Workshop 4.0 CISCO 2020 Penetration Testing with Kali (PWK|OSCP) Offensive Security 2020 Web Application Pentester (CWAP|WAPT) Codeby 2020 Metasploit: Exploit & Post Exploit Udemy 2019 Website Hacking Course™ 2018 Udemy 2018 Computer Security Incident Investigation (CHFI v9) EC-Council 2019 Learn Burp Suite, the Nr.1 Web Hacking Tool Udemy 2019 Vulnerability Management (certificate) Qualys 2019 Web Project Security Analysis Mail.ru Group 2019 Cybersecurity Fundamentals Kaspersky 2012 ZyXEL Certified Network Engineer ZyXEL 2012 Linux system administration RetraTech 2012 PHP programming (certificate) RetraTech













🎮 CTF’s & Events

🏆 Standoff 2023.2 2023 🏆 Standoff 2023.1 2023 🏆 ****KZ-CERT Training(SOC) 2022 🥈 SOC-forum(Rostelecom) 2022 🏆 PSV(Deiteriy) 2022 🏆 Standoff 2022 2022 🏆 Standoff 2021.2 2021 🥈 Standoff 2021.1 2021 🏆 BugBounty.kz 2021 4th PentestitLab 15 2021 🥈 PSV(Deiteriy) 2021 🏆 Standoff 2020 2020 Top 5 HackTheBox 2020 Top 5 Priviahub 2020 🏆 PSV(Deiteriy) 2019 5th PentestitLab 14 2019 🥉 Social Eng.Village 2019 14th Pentestit Lab 12 2018 🏆 Forensic Village 2018 9th ITStarz 2013


👨‍🏫 Volunteerism, Hobbies and Interests

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